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Over the last ten years more and more Canadians have shown a desire to shop from locally sourced products with the current political landscape boosting this desire considerably.  

"Canadians consumers are increasingly looking for healthy and locally made products, according to a new study from the Business Development Bank of Canada that identifies five trends shaping consumer behaviour." was posted  by CBC News back in 2013 and that desire to  buy closer to home is a trend that is increasing and I hope will be permanent.

Rifts with our largest trading partner has many boycotting products.   Online now you can find multiple lists showing how to buy Canadian made products from large media outlets right on down to an Ontarian teenager who compiled his own list at  .   I love to see young people getting involved!  Our culture is used to cheap, "throw away" clothing and it is encouraging to see a shift away from that.  Small artisans and manufacturers  here and abroad mean not only that you know who made your clothes but that they are generally better quality.  Buying from Canadian farmers, artisans and designers profits the person next door and helps to keep the money in Canada. 

Some articles have stated that as good as buying Canadian is, it won't last.  Suggesting Canadians will only do this as long as it's in the media and the help for Canadian businesses will be short lived.  I think that is a very poor view of us!  Not only is it suggesting a poor attention span but also that our ethics can change with the seasons.   I have much more faith in my fellow Canadians, we will love the local products we find and continue to purchase with purpose! 

My hope for is to provide an online shopping experience that has a boutique feel, with great customer service and products people can feel good about purchasing.  

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