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From Brick & Mortar to Online Shopping

Brick & Mortar stores seem to be going out of style.  I have just recently had to move out of my location for the physical shop I had called Bayswater Gifts, Fashions & Kids in St Marys because for various reasons it was not working out any longer (Noise!). Looking for a new spot was like Goldie Locks....too big, too much renovation needed...and so I have decided to focus on 

I hope if you visited my little shop in St. Marys you will like the website I have created, I hope to be able to keep costs down and still provide you with a great collection of items you won't see elsewhere.  With the website I am narrowing down the focus to only the Fair Trade & Canadian Made Fashions & Accessories that I carried in the physical shop.  These were always a customer favourite for their style and supporting Canadian business or artisans in Bali, Nepal (and others) is an added bonus!

Pop Up Shops? I have definitely been thinking about this concept and am looking into the various local markets and events in Huron and Perth counties where I may be able to set up a booth. Keep following my Facebook and Instagram for updates!!



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