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The Idea

Walking through the Gift Show in Toronto the last few times I have been pleasantly surprised at how many more suppliers are showcasing Canadian Made products and Fair Trade or Ethically Made Imports.  When I began visiting the show over ten years ago there were very few of either. 

I began to think that an online boutique showcasing only this type of product might be a good idea, somewhere to bring together many of the small suppliers who are benefiting our local Canadian economy by manufacturing here or by having small import companies here that work closely with the people they are importing from.  Win-win right?  

I also noticed that the fashions and jewellery being offered were really nice!  Stylish, pretty dresses and funky jewellery at fair prices!  Gorgeous silk scarves, cosy alpaca shawls, hand beaded bracelets and more, I wanted them all for myself! You don't have to wear something frumpy to be involved in making a difference! Yay!

The other plus is that if you are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary I hope to be able to provide that.  The image below is one of my favourites, let's be different!




Thanks for taking the time to read this and check out the site!

Deb Thompson



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